Fluffy underskirt petticoat front view
White underskirt back view
White 4 layers girl underskirt
Multi Layered Tulle Petticoat with adgustable waist
Multilayered petticoat underskirt closer look at the adjustable waist
Multi Layered Tulle Underskirt with adgustable waist
Fantastic flower girl dress with an underskirt petticoat looks way better
Flower girl dress without an underskirt petticoat

Multi Layered Tulle Petticoat with adgustable waist

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This white fluffy petticoat has 4 layers - one satin and 3 tulle.

It is a perfect match to wear under one of our dresses.

Size guide

Length - 22-23 cm
Waist - minimum when unstretched - 44-48 cm
Sligtly stretched - 56 cm
Stretched - 62 cm

Length - 33-34 
Waist - minimum when unstretched - 48-50 cm 
Sligtly stretched - 60 cm
Stretched - 68 cm

Length - 46-47 26 36
Waist - minimum when unstretched - 50-52 cm 
Sligtly stretched - 64 cm
Stretched - 72 cm

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